Hopping The Pond
with Aoife Spillane-Hinks

October 25th, 2021

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Today’s re-release: this one’s exciting because it corresponds with some content that you can stream from the comfort of your own home: Aoife Spillane Hink’s film opera A Thing I Cannot Name is streaming online for World Opera Day. Irish-American director, writer, and actor Aoife-Spillane Hinks is a longtime friend of mine. We used to joke that we were long lost sisters (similar curly hair although hers was more impressive) and even though we rarely get to connect you can tell in this episode that there’s so much love there. I am quite jealous of Aoife’s acquired Irish-American lilt, yet another reason to listen and enjoy.  

Show Notes

Stream A Thing I Cannot Name free and on demand for 24 hours on 25 October 2021
Then This Theatre


1. Portrait by Jasmin Bell.

2. Run / Don't Run (Project Arts Centre/National Tour). Photograph by Jeda de Brí.

3. The Yellow Wallpaper (Then This Theatre). Photograph by Monika Chmielarz.

4. Spotless (Rise Productions/Then This Theatre). Photograph by Keith Dixon.

5. Collected Stories (Then This Theatre). Photograph by Ste Murray.

6-8. King Lear (Second Age). Photographs by Futoshi Sakauchi.

9. Hamlet (Second Age).

10. Serious Money (Rough Magic).