Hopping The Pond
with Aoife Spillane-Hinks 

June 26th, 2020

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Theater Director Aoife Spillane-Hinks left The United States for Ireland after graduating from college. Since then, she has directed a range of productions in both places, founded Then This Theatre, and is currently an associate artist with PICT Classic Theater. Titillated by all things Irish after watching Normal People? This episode’s for you. And, Amy sends her best wishes from inside the black hole of early motherhood.

Show Notes

Then This Theatre


1. Portrait by Jasmin Bell.

Run / Don't Run (Project Arts Centre/National Tour). Photograph by Jeda de Brí.

3. The Yellow Wallpaper (Then This Theatre). Photograph by Monika Chmielarz.

Spotless (Rise Productions/Then This Theatre). Photograph by Keith Dixon.

Collected Stories (Then This Theatre). Photograph by Ste Murray.

King Lear (Second Age). Photographs by Futoshi Sakauchi.

Hamlet (Second Age).

Serious Money (Rough Magic).