Drawing on the Walls 
with Jaqueline Cedar

December 18th, 2021

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If I could listen to a podcast and sing The Wheels On the Bus at the same time, I would listen to this week’s re-release of my conversation with Jackie Cedar, painter and founder of Good Work Gallery. I recorded it with her during the pandemic, before Ben…the cognitive equivalent of a scene you vaguely remember from a movie you once saw….

Show Notes

Jaqueline Cedar
Good Naked Gallery
Shelter Gallery


1. Portrait courtesy Phoebe Berglund

2-3. Installation views: Half Night, 2019, Keene State College, Keene, NH. Photographs: Joshua Farr

Assume a listening pose, 2019, colored pencil on paper, 11x8.5 in

5. Be here now, 2019, watercolor on paper, 12x9 in

6. Bury a relative, 2019, watercolor on paper, 12x9 in