Fitting In
with Zebadiah Keneally

April 3rd, 2020

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Zeb’s path to becoming an artist is punctuated by situations miraculous and Kafka-esque. No wonder his drawings and videos explore similar themes. And, quarantine dispatch #2 from home.

Show Notes

Zebadiah Keneally


1. Portrait by @rene_chandler  

2-4. Drawings, 2019

5-6. Stills from Mind Control Chips, video, 2018

7-8.  Installation views: Go For Broke at Good Naked Gallery, Brooklyn NY, February 2020. Phoebe Berglund, Grayson Cox, Scott Grodesky, Vanessa Gully Santiago, Jared Thorne. Installations by: Madeleine Hines, Zebadiah Keneally. Documentation by Etienne Frossard.

9-10. Oh no my ego, 2019, available at Printed Matter