with Morgan Blair  

January 23rd, 2020

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Artist Morgan Blair knows her way around a Savers. All her cool thrifting tips, plus some talk about painting, puzzles, Seinfeld, Worcester Mass, and Paul Simon in this episode.

Show Notes

Morgan Blair
Paul Simon’s Graceland
Click bait articles
Post Analog Painting
The Hole
Printmaking with Louis Buhl  


1. Portait of the artist by Jessica Ross for Juxtapoz

2. We Lock Eyes Over a Bin of Discounted Top Ramen Outside Closeout Heaven, and the World - This Sick, Twisted, Beautiful Fucked up World- Utterly Stops. The Yelling Man, the Wafting Smell of Rotting Shrimp, the Hot Wet Air, the Shredded Tarp Blowing in the Tree, the Blood Soaking Into the Sidewalk-Grave, the Existential Misery of the Dreadlocked Cat- It All Stops. And We Begin., 42 in, acrylic and glass bead gel on canvas, 2019

3. You, With Your Stolen Acoustic Guitar and Well-Worn Patchwork Corduroy Vest; Me With My Balenciaga Unicycle and Lofty Ambitions; My Ethically Non-Monogomous Partner Visiting From Phoenix With His Linen Pants and Heirloom Tambourine; Your Unethically Monogomous Partner With Her Dead Eyes and Cambodian Flute; Her Cousin and His Dewey Skin, Astrological Hand Tattoos and Palpable Maladjustment Issues. There We Were, 20 x 24 in, acrylic and glass bead gel on canvas over panel, 2019

4. And. The Thing. The Thing That Brought Us All Here to Closeout Heaven. The Thing That We Have on Our Persons at All Times, for Some as a Matter of Principle and Others a Matter of Safety. This Thing That Led Us Together, and Would Eventually Tear Us Violently, Irreversibly Apart – a Discontinued Mini Bekeychained Bottle of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Discounted From $4.99 to $3.99 on Weekdays, Which, Now Dangling Prominently From Our Respective Septum Piercings, Glints in the Blinding Light of Our Newly Shared Aura, 72 in, acrylic and glass bead gel on canvas, 2019

5. The Book, Featuring a Foreword by Rand Paul's Former Babysitter, Was a Scattered Attempt to Assert the Superiority of the "White Race" by Citing Their Cultural Innovations During the 21st Century. The Midwestern Tradition of Styling Cupcakes and Cheese Balls Into Small Footballs Was Lauded, as Were Capris, and Nostalgic Civil-War Era Fetish Music Like Mumford and Sons. He Also Credited Whites With Inventing the Ubiquitous Suburban Banh Mi Taco, Though Aside From the Callous Efficiency of Fast- Fusion, in Its Violent Practice of Killing Two Beautiful, "Ethnic" Birds With One Plymouth Rock, This Attribution Seemed Wholly Misguided. But, I Digress. There Were More Glaring Fallacies, 60 x 60 in, acrylic and glass bead gel on canvas over panel, 2019

6. Suffocate Your Latest Emotions With This Set of Miniature 14 Karat Gold Dildos, Available For a Limited Time For 69 Easy Installments of $14.99, 50 x 70 in, acrylic and pumice gel on canvas, 2019

7. Is That a Tiki Torch In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Unhappy To See Me And The Other Top 56 Most Underrepresented Interns at Celebrity Rehab Reunion Toppling The Cast Silicone, Dildo-esque Statue of Dr. Drew Pinsky From Atop The Downtown Los Angeles Carl's Jr.?, 30 x 40 in, acrylic and sand on canvas over panel, 2018

8. How Many Clicks Does It Take To Get To The Center of The Internet Where Peace And Love Reside? Find Out If You Know Yourself With This Quiz Designed To Analyze Your Click Style. Click Like Now For Instant Material Rewards, 72 x 84 in, acrylic and sand on canvas, 2017

9. OMG! A Simple Cheeseburger Dosed With 4 Hours of 5 Hour Energy Sparked A Chain Of Events That Altered This Man's Latent Homophobia Forever. Then He Did The Unthinkable! Unrelated: 14 Affordable Ways To Vape The Patriarchy, 72 x 96 in, acrylic and pumice gel on canvas, 2017