Bonus Episode:
A Teaser, and How Not To Get A Teaching Job

September 19th, 2019

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Episode 32 is here! And it’s a little mini-one. My show, Container Store Cantastoria, opens at Hesse Flatow today, and so I’ve been busy working on all of that...prints...a performance...some weird display easels…. No time really for a full sit-down interview. But! A new feature to the podcast rolls out soon, one we’re calling “Leave A Message.” Starting Monday, listeners will be able to leave me a voice message through the website that I’ll respond to on future episodes. Stay tuned for a link to that feature.

And because I didn’t want to leave listeners without any content to consume (you content hungry vultures), I’m offering you a brief rant on teaching jobs called “How Not To Get a Teaching Job.”

Show Notes

College Art Association of America How Much Does An Adjunct Actually Make? by Hakim Bishara