Mirror Work with Jennifer Sullivan

December 3, 2017

Amy Beecher talks to painter and performer Jennifer Sullivan about drugs, stripping, loss, women’s pictures, amateur porn attempts, and coins the phrase “art piece.”

Show Notes:

Jennifer Sullivan
Women’s pictures
Emma Gray (Jen’s LA Gallerist)
Andre J
Fine Arts Work Center Provincetown
Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor  Rolf
Mirror Work
Maha Rose

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1. Letter to Julien, 2016, Digital video, TRT: 04:51
2. Adult Movie, 2011, Digital Video, TRT: 25:20
3. Big Girl Paintings, 2014, Five Car Garage, Los Angeles, CA
4. From the Series Big Girl Paintings, 2014
5. Adult Movie, 2011, Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA
6. Movie posters in Adult Movie, 2011, Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA
7. Source Energy Salad, 2017, Oil and oil stick on canvas, 47 x 70 inches