Zero Energy Universe and Other Revelations with Bert Crenca

December 5, 2017
In 2015 Amy talked to the legendary Bert Crenca, founder of AS220. Hear about how recovering from addiction and finding himself as an artist led shaped Crenca’s vision for AS220. This is an inspiring one. Hold onto your hats.

Show Notes:

Bert Crenca- Ted Talk
Pregones Theater
Edgar Cayce
The Junkie Priest (NYTimes/Book)

1. Portrait from Bert Crenca’s Ted talk 
2. Umberto Crenca, Free Mickey
From his website 
3. Bert Crenca outside of AS220’s original location in 1989, Providence RI
4. Umberto Crenca, From Numbered Series 05 From his website
5. Bert Crenca with The Panic Band From his website